Why is My AC Freezing?

Jul 1, 2020 | AC, HVAC | 0 comments

These days, there are a slew of reasons why a homeowner’s air conditioning system might begin freezing up. To help our readers understand some of the more common reasons this might happen, we at Kettering-Oakwood Heating & Air present the following.


All A/C systems need adequate airflow to keep their cooling coils warm. Because of this, sometimes the flow of air (or the lack thereof) is the reason for this issue. As such, warmed air from a home is required for the coil to remain the right temperature above the freezing point. Without this warm air, coils can freeze up before the condensed water is able to drain out of the system. Because dirty air filters and closed-off air registers hinder airflow, it is always a good idea to start investigating this problem by checking the air filter and ensuring the registers are free and that they’ve been opened. If this is the case, it’s a relatively easy fix. Simply open the registers or get a new air filter. Air filters need to replace regularly anyways, so even if it isn’t the culprit, you should be checking it periodically regardless.

That being said, freeze-ups could also be a result of low refrigerant levels, or the fan might not be operating properly. Normally, low refrigerant levels make the coils cold, too cold, and a faulty fan stops air from proper movement.

If these aren’t the cause of your problem, you might check your thermostat. Faulty thermostats and drainage problems are often the reason for frequent freeze-ups. Throughout the normal cooling process, an A/C unit compresses water vapor into a liquid and it drains this liquid outside. When the coils are frozen, the ice will form an obstruction in the drainage opening. If this is occurring, the air conditioner will still operate. However, it will not cool the home like it should and it will consume a lot more electricity than usual, costing you more in energy consumption. If you have an air conditioner in your window, you can use a hair-dryer to thaw out the coil. It is also a good idea to check the drain pipe for potential blockages like debris and twigs. Be mindful that running any air conditioner with frozen coils can lead to some serious damage to its compressor. Because the compressor is the most expensive part of an air conditioner, it’s not a repair or replacement that comes lightly. If you find yourself unable to fix a frozen coil problem yourself, it is always smart to get a certified technician for the job.

HVAC Service You Can Rely On

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