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When it comes to providing comfort and indoor air quality, we at Kettering-Oakwood Heating & Air put special “care” in providing all-around indoor air care. If you’re online looking for “indoor air quality companies near me” or “air care services near me” in the Miami Valley Ohio area, you are in the right place. Now all that’s left to do is to give us a call. 

Because home comfort and residential air quality go hand in hand, we offer products and services at the best prices. You can enjoy special rates when you install a new furnace, heat pump or air conditioner. If you’ve been following the latest developments surrounding the increasing importance of indoor air quality, you know your heating system and air conditioner aren’t the only factors you should take into consideration when it comes to the air in your residence. You also need to take care of your air and make sure it’s pure and clean and we understand this better than anyone. We offer homeowners and business owners a wide range of products and services at competitive prices. When it comes to overall indoor air quality, we encourage you not to neglect or overlook your air purity and humidity levels. The air we breathe is the so-called essence of life. As such, the quality of the air in your residence is something that will affect every facet of your life. 

Kettering Indoor Air Quality

What Is Indoor Air Quality?

Recent studies have indicated the air quality in most homes and places of work today are far more polluted than the air outdoors. The difference is like day and night. However, because indoor air quality is so poor and because it has such an effect on your health and well-being, more and more homeowners are becoming more and more aware of the extreme importance of sustaining healthy and optimal Indoor Air Quality.  

Often the types of things causing air pollution are far more insidious than we’re aware of. Because most Miami Valley Ohio area homeowners spend an average of 90 percent of their time each day inside, indoor air quality is something that demands serious care and consideration. 

Indoor air quality suffers because it often lacks adequate air filtration, or proper ventilation. Because this describes most dwellings, the air quality in your residence is something you should take very seriously. The EPA defines Indoor Air Quality as “the quality of air inside a building or inside a dwelling and how that air affects the people living in the building or home.” They also warn people that even minor indoor air quality issues can have a tremendous impact on our health and well-being. 

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Expert Indoor Air Quality Services in Kettering, OH and Oakwood, Ohio


Humidifiers in Kettering, Ohio

The human nose works like an air filter for a lot of viruses (including COVID-19) and other foreign types of particles. Nevertheless, our noses aren’t always effective at filtering the air when it is dry in our homes. After wintertime rolls around here in the Miami Valley Ohio area, homeowners know how their indoor air becomes extremely dry. With our home heating systems running night and day, there isn’t enough moisture in the air and this is a major problem. Dry air causes health-related issues and problems with the dwelling itself. 


Dehumidifiers in Kettering, Ohio

We at Kettering-Oakwood Heating & Air offer Miami Valley Ohio area homeowners and business owners the absolute best prices on residential dehumidifiers in Kettering, Oakwood and throughout Greater Dayton, Greater Cincinnati, Springfield, Wilmington and surrounding areas. We offer professional dehumidifier installation services at the most affordable price rates. You won’t find better indoor air quality and indoor comfort products and services at better prices. We always strive to put extra “care” in all around indoor air care, and we guarantee customer satisfaction 100%. 


Thermostats in Kettering, Ohio

We at Kettering-Oakwood Heating & Air sell and install all the HVAC industry’s best smart thermostats and Wi-Fi thermostats at the lowest prices in Kettering, Oakwood, Greater Dayton, Greater Cincinnati, and surrounding areas. We are the top-rated HVAC company in the Greater Miami Valley Ohio area. We always guarantee customer satisfaction 100% with warranty coverage you won’t find anywhere else. A lot of homeowners fail to realize today how much technology in the home comfort industry has improved.  

Air Filter

Air Filters in Kettering, Ohio

Compared to previous generations, the air filters we offer today for residential HVAC systems in Kettering, Oakwood, Greater Dayton and Greater Cincinnati have come such a long way they almost can’t be compared. One of the best types of air filtration methods is the media air filter or media cabinet. HEPA filters and ULPA filters are excellent as well. Nevertheless, media filters are also known as media air cleaners. They offer homeowners superior air filtration throughout the residence at the lowest prices. We at Kettering-Oakwood Heating & Air offer homeowners and business owners throughout Greater Dayton, and surrounding areas the best prices! 


UV Lights in Kettering, Ohio

If you are sensitive to allergens and microscopic particles, germicidal UV Lights offer you an effective way to destroy airborne allergens and other germs and bacteria before they circulate back into your household air supply. Whenever your indoor air gets circulated through the UV lamp, the ultraviolet light radiation kills them. This light radiation essentially neutralizes the air supply and protects HVAC equipment. Although these amazing products were originally just for special locations needing a sterile environment, such as medical facilities, labs and hospitals — we offer the best prices on UV Lights in the region with professional UV lamp installation. 

Air purifiers

IWave-R Air Purifier in Kettering

When it comes to products that help improve indoor air quality, nothing else on the market compares to our new iWave-R. This indoor air quality product outperforms other indoor air quality products because of its affordability and effectivenessThe iWave-R kills and removes all sorts of harmful microorganisms in household air supplies. It kills viruses, bacteria, germs, mold spores, pathogens and much more. The iwaver also removes unwanted odors and smoke in order to improve overall indoor air quality without making any sounds or noises. The equipment is always out of sight, and it always works silently. This ionization air purifier never requires seasonal maintenance. 

Why Is Indoor Air Quality So Essential?

Because we spend more time indoors than ever, our indoor air quality is no longer something we can ignore. Some estimates suggest Ohioans spend 75% to 90% of their time in their homes and places of work or school. Because of this, it’s easy to see why our Indoor Air Quality is so essential. Because air is tightly restricted indoors and because it gets recycled, it needs proper care and attention. Failing to do so will tremendously affect your well-being and health, at least more so than you realize. If your indoor air quality is poor or compromised, it can have a serious negative effect on your home and the woodwork and electronics within the home.  

Some experts say our indoor air quality is as much as five times as the fresh air as the air we breathe outdoors. Outside the home air quality is much better because nature has a wide range of natural processes it uses to clean the air and recycle it naturally. Nothing cleans the air like Mother Nature. However, because residential air is constantly being recycled and because most dwellings and businesses are intentionally sealed airtight (because of air sealing and insulation), it becomes clear why our HVAC experts and health officials recommend taking advantage of indoor air quality solutions and products like our dehumidifiers, humidifiers and air purification products, and using them with HVAC systems. 

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4 Benefits Of Improving Indoor Air Quality 

Indoor air quality goes hand in hand with HVAC equipment. While most homeowners make their home comfort a big priority, not enough people understand the utter importance of having optimal Indoor Air Quality. Nevertheless, more and more people are catching on and understanding the dire need to take care of their indoor air quality. This is usually because there are many benefits to improving indoor air quality in addition to consequences for neglecting it. In the following, our air care experts here at Kettering-Oakwood Heating & Air explain a few of the benefits of improving residential air quality.  

Reduces Home Heating & Cooling Costs

Sometimes people try reducing their air conditioning bills by turning off their air conditioner and turning it back on again after it things get hot. This is a bad idea, nevertheless, and doesn’t help. Doing this is much less efficient; it forces your central air conditioning system to work harder. Nevertheless, if you’re looking to upgrade to a newer, more energy-efficient central air conditioner, this will enable you to keep your home cooler and do so far more efficiently. Our newer, more efficient air conditioning units are a lot cheaper to use. They even pay for themselves in many cases 

Provides Great Environment For Sleeping

Optimal indoor air quality helps homeowners avoid a wide range of health-related problems. It also helps people in the residence sleep longer, better and deeper. This helps minimize stress throughout the day by making sleep more comfortable and restful. Cooler temperatures also help homeowners sleep better and longer because your body is able to relax and rest deeper and better in cooler temperatures, which are correlated to healthy levels of humidity. In any case, having a modern or relatively new air conditioner helps homeowners improve their indoor air quality during the summertime. 

    Removing Pollutants & Allergens

    If you are allergic to something floating around in your home’s air supply, your body tells with allergies. You might develop breathing problems if your indoor air quality is bad or polluted. This is actually Mother Nature’s way of letting you know it doesn’t like whatever youre taking into your lungs. The stuff we breathe into our lungs eventually makes its way into our bloodstreams. Because of this, the more a person gets exposed to indoor pollution and airborne allergens, the more likely they are to get ill, sick or have allergic reactions. Healthy indoor air quality gives your body time to recover and remain healthy so you’re at your best when you go outdoors and live your life. 

    Helps You Breathe Better

    When indoor air is polluted, it’s much easier for people to develop breathing-related conditions and health problems. Allergy symptoms often become worse. Even asthma has a way of cropping up and getting worse. If you have indoor pollution and you don’t know it, it can have an affect on your stress levels and energy levels. Household air pollution, even small amounts, has a major impact on your health and well-being as well as the health and well-being of everyone else in your home. Air purity can affect immunity levels and one’s ability to heal and recover from sickness. Because air quality and air care is so essential, your air quality control experts here at Kettering-Oakwood Heating & Air offer a whole line of air conditioning systems, humidity control products, affordable air purifiers, germicidal UV Lamps, air filtration systems (with HEPA filters or UPLA filters) and much more. 

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    Featured Product: IWave-R Air Purifier

    Floating around in the air supply of the average home, a home can become riddled with all sorts of toxins, gases, particles and other pollution that can be extremely toxic and harmful to your health. You could have dust, dirt, pet dander, pollen, mold, smoke, and even dangerous bacteria, viruses and microscopic pathogens. Without adequate air filtration and ventilation, this stuff gets recirculated continuously. Nevertheless, your local air care experts here at Kettering-Oakwood Heating & Air offer practical solutions for air quality control homeowners can afford. One of our most popular products includes our highly innovative, unique and affordable iWave-R.  

    The iWave-R uses a patented needlepoint bi-polar ionization (NPBI) technology to guarantee the production of balanced negative and positive ions. This ionization product cleans your air supply quietly; the product is always out of sight.  While these ions are targeting the air stream, their fields break down gases and pollution; they transform these things into harmless compounds. Because of this amazing and unique indoor air quality product’s effectiveness, we tell customers there isn’t anything quite like the iWave-R. 

    IWave-R in Kettering, Ohio

    4 Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality 

    In addition to all the unhealthy physical symptoms homeowners encounter when their indoor air quality is compromised, the home or building itself can give homeowners indications and warning signs that your indoor air quality needs an upgrade. These signs include the following: 

    Humidity Problems

    Humidity can be an issue all on its own. The relative humidity in your home should be kept between 35% and 50% to ensure optimal home comfort levels and prevent microorganisms from developing or progressing. Lower levels of humidity can cause damage to wood and furniture and potential health problems. High levels of humidity in a home make the home uncomfortable. It can create a breeding ground for mildew, mold, bacteria and other microbes. Therefore, humidity control systems like our dehumidifiers and humidifiers are essential. 

    Dust Around Air Vents & Surfaces

    If you have dust developing around air vents or building up on surfaces, it’s probably because of an air quality problem, especially around air vents where air travels the most. If you’re seeing dust in or around these areas, you can probably take care of it with an easy and affordable air filter upgrade or by using a HEPA filter or UPLA filter. Upgrading your air filtration system will remove all sorts of air pollution such as smoke, pollen, pet dander, dust mites and other air particles. 

      Strange Odors

      If you have odors in your home that you believe could be related to mold, mildew, pests, chemicals, or anything unusual, it’s probably a sign your indoor air quality is compromised. Even mild chemicals from household air fresheners can be problematic along with excess dust, dirt, and debris on surfaces. These can also indicate other problems with indoor air quality.  

      Air Distribution Issues

      Uneven heating and cooling levels in addition to warmer areas indoors indicate there are air distribution problems in the home. Check your HVAC equipment. This often causes in indoor air quality problems. If your HVAC system isn’t maintaining temperature levels and humidity levels throughout the home properly, your indoor air quality is probably going to suffer the effects of this. 

      Affordable Air Duct Cleaning & Ductwork Services (With Limited Availability)

      When it comes to keeping your household air quality clean and optimal, there’s one affordable service we offer that gives homeowners tremendous benefits at low prices. Our local ductwork cleaning and air duct cleaning is available during certain times of the year, with limited availability. We at Kettering-Oakwood Heating & Air offers residential air duct cleaning services during certain times of the year when we aren’t extremely busy. Because of its limited availability, homeowners or business owners wanting their air ducts cleaned out need to give us a call at (937) 502-3842 for more information.  

      During an air duct cleaning visit, our air care experts inspect your air duct system prior to cleaning your air ducts with the latest air duct cleaning tools available in the HVAC industry. Our ductwork services enable you to discover air leaks; the cleaning provides optimal airflow, which is essential for the operation of your heating and cooling system. Additionally, our air duct cleaning services ensure optimal airflow and efficiency for HVAC equipment. For affordable air duct cleaning in Kettering, Oakwood, Greater Dayton, Greater Cincinnati or surrounding areas, call us today at (937) 502-3842. 

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