UV Light Services in Kettering & Greater Dayton, Ohio

For ultra-clean indoor air quality that’s sterile, UV Lights make for amazing add-on products during an HVAC installation or replacement. This ultraviolet light and its radiation improve your indoor air quality tremendously. Germicidal UV Lamps work in conjunction with your HVAC unit to make your home a healthier place. With the use of our ultraviolet light radiation, these lamps sanitize and clean household air supply, killing unwanted microscopic organisms circulating throughout the air in the home that would otherwise continue recycling. This includes toxic stuff like mold, microbes, bacteria, germs, viruses, pathogens, mildew and more. After UV light applications are installed properly in the HVAC system by one of our air quality control experts, the ultraviolet radiation neutralizes airborne microbes and kill off bio contaminants within the ductwork. This is essential to do if you have had problems with mold or other living contaminants. 

This stuff is hard on HVAC equipment because it makes everything work harder than required. UV lights also help improve indoor airflow and reduce HVAC maintenance costs; they help to improve home heating and/or cooling efficiency. Ultraviolet radiation from the lamps also reduces allergens in the home, which reduces illness and breathing-related problems. They help remove unpleasant odors and chemicals in the air. If you are thinking of installing a UV Light application or upgrading your indoor air quality in Oakwood, Kettering, Greater Cincinnati, Greater Dayton or surrounding areas, call your local UV Light experts at Kettering-Oakwood Heating & Air immediately.

HVAC UV Lights in Kettering, Ohio

What Are UV Light Systems?

Ultraviolet lights are air purification products that used in HVAC systems to upgrade Indoor Air Quality. UV lights can be added on during an HVAC installation or purchased separately on their own. Whether you purchase them at a lower price as add-on products for replacing your HVAC system or purchase them to go inside a pre-existing system, UV Lights benefit your home heating and air conditioning system tremendously; they also improve your indoor air quality. 

With a wide variety of top brand products from companies like Freshair, Pure Air, Aprilaire, Honeywell and Reme HALO, we at Kettering-Oakwood Heating & Air are proud to sell and install all the latest UV Light systems on the market. We offer the best prices for these highly effective HVAC systems, which offer protection from a wide range of toxic pollution and other harmful airborne particles. Homeowners with breathing-related issues or those who are vulnerable to allergens benefit tremendously from upgrading their HVAC system with Germicidal UV Lamps. These amazing indoor air quality improvement products are amazing because they kill all types of microscopic organisms after they travel through the ultraviolet light radiation to clean out the air supply. 

Benefits Of UV Lights 

Ultraviolet light radiation offers homeowners a wide range of benefits. Our local indoor air care experts here at Kettering-Oakwood Heating & Air explain several of those benefits in the following: 

Optimal Airflow

When it comes to residential heating and/or air conditioning, airflow is extremely essential. Ever since the 1990s, Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) technology has been used successfully in HVAC equipment. The impact this UV light radiation offers homeowners is extremely beneficial, hands down without exception. Our powerful UV lights improve your residential air quality by killing germs, pathogens, bacteria, and more. UV lamps also eliminate excess moisture and keep your air ducts clean. UV Lights also help improve indoor airflow, which has a wide range of benefits. 

They Are Cost-Effective Investments

Working with your HVAC systems, ultraviolet lights keep HVAC equipment cleaner at a lower cost because they are extremely cost-effective. If you’re thinking of having UV Lights installed in your Miami Valley Ohio area home, we are more than happy to offer our assistance. We can inspect your HVAC system to make sure you’re able to benefit from UV Light application. We can discuss several things you should consider before installing new UV lighting. The product’s success depends on a wide range of factors, including the power, number of lamps and their specific placement. You need a professional to install them to enjoy these benefits. However, if you trust Kettering-Oakwood Heating & Air for all your air care needs, you will be sure to get the most return from your investment. 

    Optimal Indoor Air Quality

    Germicidal UV lights improve indoor air quality by killing off living forms of air pollution floating around in your air supply; the types of things they remove can make a homeowner sick or cause sinus passages to flare. These things should not be allowed to circulate repeatedly inside residential air supplies. Using ultraviolet light radiation, UV Lamps kill off air pollution originating in air-handlers and in fiberglass insulation, in addition to fungi, mildew and mold. UV lights also kill drug-resistant bacteria. 

    Destroys Mildew & Mold

    A lot of homeowners are surprised when they learn how common fungal contamination (such as mildew and mold) is around their home’s heating and cooling equipment. It sprouts up inside air ducts and other places. Experts say any amount of mildew and mold is dangerous in residential dwellings. If mold is in the home, you can’t afford to neglect or ignore it. Fungal contamination spreads infectious disease and other microscopic organisms that are known to cause health-related issues and other breathing-related problems for people dealing with asthma and other pre-existing conditions. 

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    Top 3 Benefits of a UV Light System

    Although they were originally only applicable to medical facilities, labs and hospitals, we at Kettering-Oakwood Heating & Air offers low-cost residential UV Lights that are very affordable and helpful at the best prices. The following is a list of the top three benefits of UV light installation: 

    Removes Odors

    Household air pollution can bring unpleasant odors into our homes. Additionally, certain types of air pollution can be extremely hazardous. Recent studies indicate certain homes in Ohio have all sorts of invisible contaminates floating around in the air; they are often five times worse than the air outdoors. One of the biggest benefits of using a UV light for your HVAC system is to eliminate VOCs from your ventilation system and remove them from your home’s breathing space. 

    They Are Extremely Effective Air Purifiers

    Of all the methods for improving household air quality, UV lights appear to be the most effective and the most affordable. Depending on a Ultraviolet Light’s placement, its strength, and length of exposure, UV lights are effective at killing off nearly 90% of germs and microorganisms living inside the coils of an HVAC system, in addition to air ducts. Studies indicate that UV lights are the most effective way to prevent diseases and control infections. 

      They Offer You a Sterile Environment

      One study performed in 2012 by Duke University Medical Center reported that UV lights killed up to 97% of the bacteria that was resistant to antibiotics. These so-called superbugs are the toughest to kill. In 2001, another reputable scientific journal reported that germicidal UV light radiation significantly reduces levels of airborne fungi in ductwork and air handlers.