It Isn’t Too Late for an AC Tuneup

Jul 5, 2020 | AC, HVAC | 0 comments

There’s no turning back now Ohioans: Summer has finally arrived in the Buckeye Nation!

And even though this means festivities, cook-outs, fireworks, and outdoor fun, it also means sweltering heat. We are talking about those days so hot it will send the best of us dashing back indoors to cool off in our havens afforded to us by our beloved air conditioners. The only question is: Is your air conditioner ready for the dog days of summer? If you have not done so yet, now is the time for a tune-up. Even though summer is already underway, it isn’t too late to get your A/C tuned-up to guarantee it keeps you comfy and cool in the coming months.

In our many years of distinguished customer service, we can assure you that even delayed maintenance is better than no maintenance at all. To help you understand a few of the great benefits of this service, we at Kettering-Oakwood Heating & Air put together the following:

What Makes A/C Maintenance So Important?

Living in the Greater Dayton, Ohio, Area during the summer months, most homeowners realize how hot and humid the days can be and how essential a working air conditioner is to provide sanctuary from the heat. As such, one of the most fundamental things you can do to keep your system in superior working order is to schedule annual maintenance for it, even when said maintenance comes a little later than usual. Below are a few reasons why maintenance is always such a smart idea, despite whether it is early, late, or precisely “on time.”

Identify minor problems before they become severe

Maintenance is usually performed before the summer heat comes full force for a reason: It enables our technicians to catch any minor issues (like loose bolts or a bad air filter) before they get worse. It is important to prevent these small problems from worsening into bigger issues (such as an air filter that prevents all airflow or a bolt rattling around in your ducts) because bigger problems cost more to repair and they leave you without service.

Improved energy efficiency

The repairs, modifications, and cleanings that we perform during a routine maintenance call help your air conditioner perform at a better level of efficiency. Because your system will not need to strive through things like poor airflow or dusty evaporator coils to do its job, it will need a lot less energy to keep things cool. This means significant money savings on energy bills while extending your unit’s lifespan.

Lengthening your unit’s lifespan

Maintenance, even if done a little late in the season, is going to enable your system to run more efficiently and productively, making its job a lot easier while reducing the wear and tear it endures throughout the season. That reduction in wear and tear adds up over time. And, it’s going to make its life not only easier but substantially longer than otherwise. Just think about the price of a new system compared to the minor cost of regular maintenance. 

Substantial money savings in the long-run

Although maintenance is usually done once a year, it is substantially easier, faster, and more affordable than getting repairs done to your A/C. By reducing the need for repairs, increasing productivity/energy efficiency, and helping increase the amount of time until you need a replacement, regular maintenance always saves you loads of cash in the long run. It’s like we say, it always pays off to be proactive rather than reactive with any A/C system.


It is easy to see the various ways that A/C maintenance has a positive impact on your system. If you schedule your maintenance a little later than everyone else, don’t worry. It is always better to have it done late in the season than not having it done at all.

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