HVAC Maintenance For Pet Owners

Feb 25, 2020 | AC, Furnace, HVAC | 0 comments

Despite our beloved furry friends being bundles of joy day in and day out, there are some serious downsides to having pets inside your home. Some of these include the accumulation of allergens, the shedding of fur, and the need for extra cleaning, all of which can have a significant influence on your HVAC system that will negatively affect the quality of air inside.

To help you protect your expensive HVAC system and keep your air quality under control, we at Kettering-Oakwood Heating & Air promote the following HVAC maintenance tips for homeowners with cats and dogs living inside with them.



When you have pets (whether they be cats or dogs or both) shedding fur in your home, you ought to examine your furnace filter on a monthly basis and replace it as often as required. With multiple pets in a house, hair clogs, and dander collection on an air filter is common. This collection can significantly weaken your system’s performance and effectiveness. If you need to change it too frequently, a washable, reusable filter might be a smart investment.


It’s ideal to try to protect your air filter from developing pet hair clogs in the first place, or at least slow them down. Vacuuming and cleaning are essential. How frequently you need to vacuum depends on the number of pets you have in your home, what kind of fur they have, and how much they tend to shed. Some suggest vacuuming as often as every day, to at least a few times per week. The objective is to prevent the fir from collecting in the first place and keeping it from getting trapped in your filter. When you clean, experts say you want to begin with the floor and work your way up, covering your mattresses and furnaces, while washing certain clothing articles regularly.


When your cats and dogs shed their fur, it’s an entirely normal and natural process. And while that is true, you can prevent a lot of that fur from amassing in your house by grooming them religiously. Ideally, brushing, bathing, and assisting your furry companions in “de-shedding” goes a long way to minimize their natural shedding and reduce pet dander. Proactive measures like this will leave less fur to have to vacuum and clean up in your home.


Even when you groom frequently and keep an immaculate house, tiny hairs and particles are bound to get into your HVAC system, starting with your air ducts. This does not take long to take place. This leads to clogs and compromises your home’s indoor air quality, which is another reason why HVAC maintenance is so vital. Experts suggest hiring a reputable HVAC technician every year to examine your entire HVAC system, including your ductwork. Because of this, we recommend you reduce any accumulated pet hair and dander in there, on top of anything else that finds its way into your duct system. 


Unfortunately, it’s a fact of life. Pets are known to damage things in your home, one way or another. Unfortunately, our HVAC systems are no exemption. For dogs, the most common way is by urinating on their outside condenser unit. The outcome after this can be costly. To deter that dog from doing this, we recommend building a fence around that unit. Be cautious not to place it too close to the unit. If you do, it might restrict airflow and limit access to it. Such is also why we advise utilizing a metal fence-like material to enable air to flow freely. We also suggest you check the distance around the unit and make sure you give it at least three feet of space. Other than destroying a condenser unit with urine, dogs are also known to chew on HVAC wiring in homes, leaving damage. So with dogs, also, we advise covering any wires to keep them and the dog safe. Finally, even if you were to maintain a clean home and keep your pets groomed often, your HVAC system will still need expert maintenance every year. Our company, among others, strongly advises residents to have a heating tune-up conducted every autumn before winter and a tune-up on your air conditioning every spring before it gets too hot.


Normally, humans like the temperature in their homes to be in the higher 60s or lower 70s. Our pets, on the other hand, have their own temperature inclinations, believe it or not. To keep them cozy, while you’re away from the house during the day in the winter, lower your thermostat to the low- to mid-60s. Throughout the summer, however, set it to the low- to mid-70s to keep them from getting too hot. Doing this not only keeps them comfortable, but it also enables you to save money on your energy bills while giving your HVAC system a little break.


Is the quality of air in your house endangered because of pet hair, dirt, or dander floating around? Do allergies affect you (or your loved ones)? If so, an air purifier will probably help. Air purifiers work to keep your home’s air clean and fresh and free of dust and dirt and dander. They are not only good for your health, but they are also good for your pet’s well-being as well. These days, there are an assortment of choices. It won’t take long to find one that will work for your home’s size and the number of pets and family members you have living there.


Whether you have pets, or even if you don’t have pets, signing an HVAC service agreement with a reputable company, like our local team, is the best way to keep your system functioning at it’s best while extending its lifespan. Using preventative measures like this, you can keep your system free of pet hair and dander problems and reduce the need for emergency repairs. If you’d like to learn more, or if you have any questions, please call Kettering-Oakwood Heating & Air today at 937-502-3842, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here! Kettering-Oakwood Heating & Air is a five-star-rated family company founded on faith. No matter what your desire for calling us, we always enjoy hearing from you!