Common Misconceptions About Your HVAC System

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Of all the systems in your home, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems (HVAC) might not be the easiest to master, but most homeowners have enough knowledge to get them by. In fact, a lot of homeowners might even grasp a few “tricks” to their home’s units about how they work. Consider, for instance, your thermostat. Virtually every adult in our age understands the ins and outs of their home’s thermostat. It’s simple. They might, moreover, comprehend some tricks for working it. With your thermostat, you may have figured out the quickest trick to warming up your home is by adjusting that thermostat up all the way to the maximum temperature — right? Wrong. Any HVAC technician with experience will advise you this isn’t the case at all. And this is merely one example of how most homeowners have really good intentions, but a lot of times really bad information. A lot of the so-called “tricks” and “truths” they might think they know about their HVAC systems are, in reality, common myths and misconceptions. To shed some light on a few of these more prevalent myths and misconceptions, we at Kettering-Oakwood Heating & Air expose, or debunk, the following. 

Myths About Your HVAC Systems

You Can Warm Your Home Faster If You Set Your Thermostat To The Highest Temperature

Because it’s so widespread and self-perpetuating, we start with this misconception. Thermostats relay data to your home’s HVAC system that controls when it switches off and on so that it maintains the level of temperature you set it at to keep you comfortable. Setting it up to the max temperature will not trick your system into warming up your home any faster. That is not how it works. And the same goes for summertime. You aren’t going to cool your home off any faster by turning the temperature all the way down.

It’s A Good Idea To Shut Off Air Vents In Unused Rooms To Enhance Energy Efficiency

This is another widespread misconception, and we are covering it for that reason. While closing up your air vents can boost the flow of air, it can also increase the pressure in your ducts, which can form air leaks in the joints of your vents. If you are doing this because your home has areas that are too hot and/or areas that are too cold, we suggest you look into a zoning system.

You Actually Only Need To Replace Air Filters Once A Year

This misconception can be a costly one. We at Kettering-Oakwood Heating & Cooling strongly advocate that homeowners replace their air filters often, like once every two months, and even more often during the winter or if you have if you own furry pets. With that said, you may be able to save yourself the trouble of replacing your filter so frequently by having an air purifier installed.

Tune-ups Are A Luxury, Not A Necessity

This can be the costliest of all myths and misconceptions. Your HVAC system is a valuable and sophisticated device that needs a tune-up every single year, similar to that of a car. Household HVAC systems have all sorts of moving components that truly necessitate inspection, oiling, lubrication, and cleaning often. A professional must make calculations to guarantee your system is performing at its peak and stays going for seasons to come. And doing this will save you a lot of money and a lot of heartaches. We strongly advise you have a professional do this every year to both your AC unit and your furnace to assure its survival and effectiveness. Getting a tune-up for your system every year can shield you from costly repairs in the future.

The Bigger The HVAC System, The Better

Having a system that is too large for your house will prompt it to cycle on and off excessively, which will cost you more money to keep it operating and will lessen its life expectancy. When it comes time to replace your system, having one of our skilled technicians do the job will go a long way. We will measure each room in your home and recommend a model for you that has the precise specifications that are best for your home to ensure you have the option that is the most energy-efficient possible.

Still Have Questions About Your HVAC System?

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