Why Homeowners Should Turn On Their Furnace Sooner Rather Than Later

Nov 12, 2021 | Maintenance, Furnace, Heating, HVAC, Kettering, Kettering-Oakwood, Oakwood, Winter

If you are like me and find yourself asking, “When is the best time to turn on my furnace for the winter season?” Well, don’t worry, you’re not alone. A popular belief among homeowners is to wait to turn on your residential furnace until winter officially arrives. However, the fact of the matter is that the best time to turn on your furnace for the year is in the fall. Below are a few key reasons given to us by our HVAC specialists at Kettering-Oakwood Heating & Air on why it’s best to turn on your home heating system sooner rather than later.  

Finding Any Furnace Issues

Keep in mind that your furnace is not used at all during the summer months. Then every year, as the summer season comes to an end and the leaves begin to fall, when you turn on your furnace for the first time for the season, it works overtime in order to provide your home with heat for the first time in months. Therefore, it is not uncommon for issues such as broken parts or damages to arise. However, if you turn on your furnace early, you can find these issues to be repaired or fixed before the winter weather comes full force. 

Savings On Utility Bills & Maintenance Costs

Switching on your furnace before the winter weather comes around will allow your furnace to gradually heat your home instead of wasting time, money, and energy to heat your whole house in one day. Also, at this point, if you find that your furnace isn’t heating your home, you can avoid the long waits and the rush of the busy HVAC winter season by scheduling an appointment early. Thus, ensuring that you and your family won’t be stuck in a cold house until you can schedule appointment days or even weeks later. In addition to saving time and energy, many HVAC companies have discounted prices and special offers earlier in the season, ultimately saving homeowners a few extra bucks. 

Peace Of Mind 

If you have taken the extra time to confirm that everything within your home heating system is properly functioning. In this case, it can give you peace of mind, as well as confidence that your furnace is ready to take on the cold winter months, keeping you, your family, and your home warm and comfy. 

At Kettering-Oakwood Heating & Air, we know that keeping up with the hundreds of household tasks that need to be completed before winter can seem overwhelming; however, we are here to help with any questions or inquiries you may have!

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