Aug 1, 2023 | AC, Age, Air Conditioner, Air Conditioning System, Brand, Condenser, Lifespan, Manufacture Date, Model, Nameplate, Online, Outdoor Unit, Serial Number

While it is considered impolite to inquire about a woman’s age, the same courtesy does not extend to your air conditioner! In all seriousness, we highly encourage you to find out the exact age of your air conditioning unit. Although seemingly trivial, understanding the age and condition of your HVAC units holds significant importance. Why? Air conditioners generally have a lifespan of 15-20 years, depending on maintenance practices. Hence, having knowledge of your AC’s age will be crucial in making vital choices, such as whether to opt for repairs or consider a replacement. Additionally, knowing your unit’s age will keep you from being blindsided once your AC decides to give out. (Fingers crossed, it doesn’t.) 

Follow these expert steps from Kettering-Oakwood Heating & Air to determine the precise age of your air conditioner: 

Step One: Finding the Manufacture Date on the Condenser 

Our first step involves heading outside to inspect the outdoor unit, known as the condenser. This large metal box is typically located in the backyard or sometimes on the side of the house. Look for a nameplate affixed to one side of the unit containing comprehensive information about the AC. Direct your attention to the top of the nameplate, as the manufacture date is often displayed in the upper right-hand corner or near the top and will be labeled as MFR DATE or something similar. If you don’t find it immediately, simply proceed to the next step. 

Step Two: Finding the Manufacture Date Online 

If, for any reason, you haven’t discovered the manufacture date, go ahead and take note of the unit’s model, brand, and serial number from the nameplate. Alternatively, you can quickly capture a picture of the nameplate for easy reference. Next, type in all three details in your favorite online search engine along with the phrase “manufacture date”. Then click the search key. Doing so will yield several websites offering comprehensive instructions on decoding the manufacture date specific to your AC model. With a bit of detective work and determination, you’ll successfully unveil the exact age of your air conditioner. Bravo! 

Having Trouble? 

Rest assured, should you encounter challenges in pinpointing the exact manufacture date, our team is here to assist you. Our highly-skilled technicians will gladly help you determine your AC’s age during your next seasonal HVAC checkup. 

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