Questions to Ask a Technician During a Service Call

Oct 1, 2021 | AC, Furnace, HVAC, Thermostat

Our technicians at Kettering-Oakwood Heating & Air are qualified and ready to take on your residential HVAC maintenance. However, as fast and efficient as our specialists work, you may forget to ask a few of the essential HVAC questions that you have wanted to ask to understand your home’s HVAC system better. Our technicians are friendly, certified, and experienced. There are a few frequently asked questions our technicians receive during their daily service calls in the list below. 

1. Why is My Home Collecting Extra Dust Than Usual? 

If you are a homeowner that is constantly struggling against the “more than usual” accumulated dust within your home, this may be a sign that the air filter needs to be replaced. During your annual maintenance, one of our expert technicians will start their inspection by checking your air filter. More often than not, any air filter in any home needs to be replaced. When doing so, our expert technicians will help you choose the correct air filter for your home and your budget. Trust us; your house and your lungs will thank you later. 

2. Is There a Way I Can Lower My Monthly Utility Costs? 

During the summer and winter, you may find yourself paying higher monthly utility bills than in the other months of the year. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t understand that your residential HVAC system is a surprisingly significant contributor to your overall utility bills. One of the most straightforward suggestions an HVAC technician may make is that the older an HVAC system is, the more energy it uses. Thus, the reason why your utility bills are higher than they have been in the past. Keep in mind that even though an HVAC system is a significant investment, it is an investment in your home and your overall comfort. In fact, switching to an energy-efficient HVAC system can help start saving you money in the long run.

3. How Can I Better My IAQ? 

IAQ is an acronym that stands for Indoor Air Quality. Over time homeowners have come to realize how important their IAQ is within their home. The most simple and basic step you can take to better the indoor air quality inside your home is to keep up and change your HVAC air filters frequently. Additionally, it is also essential to keep humidity levels inside your home at a minimum to prevent any virus, bacteria, or mold growth. We have IAQ options for all different sizes of homes and families that are sure to fit your budget. So, on your next service call, ask one of our experts to explain why IAQ is so important and the best way to better the air circulating in your household. 

Did any questions stick out to you? Or do you have more questions to ask? 

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