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If you are encountering problems with your furnace blowing cool air, you may be dealing with an extinguished pilot light. Maybe that’s why you stumbled across this blog today. Perhaps you are in search of an answer. Whatever the case – we know how annoying this can be! But don’t worry; relighting a furnace pilot light is not too daunting. So, without further ado, here are the steps from Kettering-Oakwood Heating & Air that you will need to take to get your pilot light going again.  

  1. Step One: Before doing anything, let’s first locate the pilot light. Even though it is out currently, it shouldn’t be too tough to find the burner and pilot light opening. Generally, it is hidden behind a door or panel called the burner cover. If that’s the case, you will need to take off the burner cover so you can have access to the pilot light. 
  1. Step Two: The second step is just as important as the first, so don’t skip over it. Before beginning to relight the pilot light, be sure to turn off your furnace. Usually, the power switch is located at the base of the furnace. 
  1. Step Three: Find the gas valve and turn the gas supply off. Then wait for at least five minutes before continuing the relighting process. This will give the gas time to clear out before you start working with it again. If you skip this step, it could be detrimental to your safety. 
  1. Step Four: During this five-minute wait, locate the pilot light assembly, which is usually a knob-like switch labeled “pilot,” “reset,” “on,” or “off. The wording on your furnace may not be exact but should be similar. 
  1. Step Five: The next few minutes, you’re going to clean the pilot light’s immediate vicinity. Make sure it’s free from any and all kinds of debris – you can use a small brush, toothbrush, or cotton swab. When you’ve completed this task (which may seem tiny and unimportant), know that you’ve just made it significantly easier for the flame to reignite and stay burning. 
  1. Step Six: Now that the gas has had an appropriate time to dissipate, turn the “pilot” setting on by turning the appropriate knob on the pilot light assembly. Then press and hold down the “reset” switch while lighting a long-ended match or lighter. Be careful and bring it slowly toward the pilot light. It should ignite once the flame is close enough. After it lights, you can release your hold on the “reset” switch.  
  1. Step Seven: Be sure to turn the gas supply back on. 
  1. Step Eight: Lastly, don’t forget to put the burner cover back where it originally was! 

If you follow the steps below, you’ll be able to light your furnace pilot light again and get your home warm in no time. If, after going through this guide step-by-step, the pilot light ignites but then goes out as soon as you release the “reset” button, there may be another issue with a component. In that case, please give us a call! 

Remember, if you’re feeling uncertain about relighting your pilot light, it’s always a good idea to contact an HVAC professional like Kettering-Oakwood Heating & Air. Contact us today at (937) 502-3842, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here