January has come around, and we still have a good bit of time before the winter ends. Hopefully, your furnace has been serving you well, and your family has enjoyed all the comforts and warmth home provides. So as a homeowner, what can you do to ensure that your furnace continues to run smoothly? There is quite a bit of furnace information freely available if sought out. But what is true versus what’s considered a furnace myth? We’re here to help you today! Your Kettering-Oakwood Heating & Air have pieced together a few common furnace myths to aid you in better understanding your furnace’s needs:

Maintenance Is Optional

Furnace maintenance is crucial! At least once a year, your furnace should be serviced with its seasonal tune-up and safety check. Doing so ensures your furnace functions correctly and everything is up to par with current safety standards. Seasonal maintenance is recommended by the manufacturer and required to keep the manufacturer’s warranty valid. We typically recommend having your furnace tune-up completed before its first use of the fall/winter season. But if you have not done so already, it’s not too late to call us and schedule one as soon as possible.

Thermostat Placement Isn’t Important

Before a thermostat is installed, its location should be taken into consideration. Thermostat placement is, in fact, critical. Depending on its placement, a thermostat can be affected by being near things that may influence its temperature readings. One example is if a thermostat is placed near a fireplace, the heat the fireplace puts off could keep your thermostat from getting a proper reading on the temperature. Incorrect readings will result in your furnace not heating the home correctly at the thermostat’s set temperature. If a thermostat is placed in a direct line of sunlight, it can also be affected. Vents and registers near a thermostat can also affect the way it functions, so be sure to look around your home to find the most optimal place for your thermostat.

Always Repair Instead of Replacing

Sometimes, choosing to repair instead of replacing is not the cheapest option. Repairing your furnace and changing out broken parts is usually the most economical choice. But if this is done consistently over time for repeated issues, you may just end up dealing with a franken-furnace that is not only a safety hazard but can also be an energy consumer. You will be paying more for multiple repairs and excessive utility bills in the long run. In the end, you will have spent more out of pocket than you initially wanted as opposed to having gone with a new, energy-efficient unit instead.

Knowing the difference between proper furnace upkeep and false furnace myths will make all the difference when it comes to stretching out your furnace’s life. So please, feel free to give your experts at Kettering-Oakwood Heating & Air should any issues with your HVAC system arise. We’d be honored at the chance to provide you with our five-star service!

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