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Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? It’s normal for many people this time of the year to have already set their New Year’s resolutions for areas they want to improve upon in the next year. It’s a timeless tradition that inspires us to progress in different aspects of our lives. As your local Kettering-Oakwood Heating & Air experts, we’re here to help you level up your HVAC habits for a comfier home, lower energy bills, and overall system efficiency. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and let’s dive into these essential tips.  

How Often Do You Change Your HVAC Air Filters? 

Your HVAC air filters are small but mighty components of your HVAC system. They bust their filter-fighting moves to keep dirt, dust, and other particles from invading your air and wreaking havoc on your system. So, it’s not a bad idea for homeowners to make a resolution to change their filters every 1-2 months (as recommended per industry standards) and enjoy optimal performance. Keep in mind, the frequency of how often you need to change them within the suggested 60-day timeframe might vary depending on your lifestyle, the number of occupants in your home, and how many pets you may have. 

How Often Do You Clean Your HVAC Vents? 

Cleaning HVAC vents – it’s one of those things we all tend to forget, right? But did you know these little guys actually have a big impact on our HVAC system? So, let’s make it a point this year to give them the attention and maintenance they need and keep those pesky dust particles at bay! By keeping your vents clean and dust-free, you can help raise the IAQ (indoor air quality) in your home. 

How Often Do You Clean Your Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures? 

Ceiling fans and light fixtures are yet another component that is often overlooked! While they may not necessarily be a part of your HVAC system, dusty ceiling fans and light fixtures can still mess with your home’s air quality. So, be sure to also add them to your cleaning routine and, in doing so, further enhance your HVAC habits this year!  

How Do You Keep Up with Your Thermostat? 

If you have a standard thermostat but have been curious about the benefits of a smart thermostat, this year may very well be the year for you to level up your HVAC maintenance game with a smart thermostat! These genius gadgets give you the power to control your home’s temperature from wherever you are while also sending repair and maintenance alerts. The cherry on top? You’ll save energy and cash in the long haul. So, if you haven’t made the upgrade yet, give us a call for more information. 

How Sufficient Is Your Attic Insulation? 

Let’s talk about insulation, shall we? Your attic’s insulation plays a vital role in keeping your home comfy and cozy. If certain rooms in your home don’t seem very well-regulated or your HVAC system is always running non-stop, it’s probably time to check your attic insulation. A lack of insulation can definitely have these effects on the air in your home. Insufficient insulation can result in uneven temperature regulation or a continuously running system due to the ever-escaping air from your roof. Experts recommend a minimum of ten inches in attic insulation. So, if yours falls short, consider upgrading this year to save energy and give your HVAC system a chance at a longer lifespan. 

How Often Do You Get Your Ductwork Cleaned? 

Your home’s ductwork distributes the air throughout your entire home. This means that over time, dust, hair, fur, and debris can turn a dirty air filter into a clogged central highway for the air in your home. Naturally, when this happens, it will negatively affect your HVAC system’s efficiency and indoor air quality (IAQ). So, although it is not a frequent task, having your ductwork professionally cleaned every three to five years is a smart move to keep the air flowing smoothly and your home IAQ as fresh as possible! 

How Often Do You Check Your Condenser? 

Although your condenser is located outside and built to withstand the elements, you don’t want to let any dirt or debris overlap it. Even during winter, when it is not in use, a quick look every now and then will make sure nothing has fallen onto or around your condenser. Prevention is the name of the game, so be sure to include a routine inspection in your cleaning regimen every now and then to prevent any unnecessary issues or breakdowns.  

How Often Do You Schedule Your Maintenance Checks? 

Never underestimate the power of annual maintenance checks. Even if everything seems to be functioning fine, these checkups are essential for your HVAC system, as they prevent long-term damage in disguise! A lot of time, small issues can continue to go unseen to the untrained eye, resulting in long-term damage to your unit. Don’t wait for trouble to knock on your door; stay a step ahead with preventative maintenance. It’s the secret to keeping your units running for years to come and keeping that precious manufacturer’s warranty intact. So, don’t skimp on those seasonal checkups!  

To put it simply, adding these HVAC resolutions to your New Year’s goals means committing to a well-kept system, saving some bucks, and relishing year-round home coziness. Being proactive with maintenance is crucial to extending the lifespan of your HVAC system and shielding against unexpected hiccups. Remember, a little TLC goes a long way for your HVAC system! 

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